Skin Problems

Your face is your personal business card! When your face looks good then you feel good and vice versa. Having a skin problem can be very frustrating. Besides the fact that it is noticeable wherever you go, it mostly affects the way you socialize with other people.

A 15 years old teenager, who has medium or severe Acne can have social problems in school with the other students. He/she will lack confidence due to Acne on the face. We have seen this thousand thousands of times with our clients. They will not be even able to look straight into someone's eyes.

The same goes for a 30-year-old lady with a skin problem, such as Seborrhea, who is desperately looking for her soulmate but is afraid to approach men and sign up on these dating websites. She will be very unconfident and therefore will miss so many opportunities to have a relationship with men. And so on and so forth... Every age has its own skin problem.

50-year-old men or women most likely have wrinkled eyes and face.

A 60+ men or women have pigmentation spots on their hands due to their age.

Let us help with the following issues:


Struggling to get rid of your acne? You're not alone. Acne affects 80% of teenagers and 40% of adults!

Acne is the most common skin condition in the world. Let us help you get rid off your acne for good. Find out what level of acne you have and which treatment will work best for you.


Diminish the appearance of unsightly scars whether they are light, medium, or heavy in appearance.

Don't let scars from previous conditions get you down and embrace the possibility of clearer and more beautiful skin.


Are you tired of suffering from red patches on your skin? Let us alleviate the symptoms of your rosacea.


Pigmentation results from sun exposure of natural skin discoloration. Let us make your skin consistent in appearance.


If you see red on your cheeks or on your nose, then we can help. This can also affect your scalp.


Dry, flaky, and itchy skin can get uncomforable. This skin problem can be treated with our expertise.

Nail Fungus

If your nail fungus is starting to become yellow and there are cracks, then our treatment can rejuvenate your nails.

We can also help if you're seeing greenish discoloring on your nails.

Cosmetic Issues

We can help with a variety of issues such as a double chin, ingrown hair, stretch marks, bad neck, skin with open pores, and anti-pedicure. We also treat dry skin, hand discoloration, upper-lip wrinkles, sensitive skin, and provide effective anti aging solutions.


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